Black Diamond and Starry Sky

There is no doubt that jewelries could definitely wake up the true nature of a woman: confident, noblest, elegant and attractive. Depending on the culture and times, jewelry may be regarded as a symbol of status. When it comes to the material of jewelry, diamonds always take the first place. Just imagine millions of stars shinning in the summer night sky, how beautiful and mysterious it is! Based on that starry sky, many designers use black gemstones around diamonds to construct this amazing picture. Moreover,the black gems, used as accessories, make diamonds as mysterious as the cosmos and as untouchable as the palace where the Muse lives in. Each diamond and gemstone is unique and unapproachable. Jewelries produce magic powers which build a fantastic wonderland, and because of shining diamond this wonderland becomes a dream for each woman. Rings, pendants, necklaces, eardrops as well as bracelets which are made of black gemstones and diamonds seem to be every popular these days. If you are a fashionable woman, you may want to find some information online about diamond and black gemstone jewelry. Do not hesitate to buy one if you find the one you like, you deserve it.

The quality of the agate

many varieties, with thousands of like agate say. Agate is the silica Aphanitic jade. Common agate, red agate, blue agate, green agate, sardonyx, black flower agate, purple agate, algae grass agate, white agate, agate water tank.

in the evaluation of agate raw materials and products, the key lies in whether it is color, the pretty color use are meaningful. In the color red, the red wire wrapping, red, orange for the top grade, dark red, and purple for the next color block some material is dark red, but make bright red to identify seriously. The Green Agate green onions core, Brilliant Green for the top grade, dark green for the second. Top grade blue agate, sapphire blue, violet blue, Prussian blue, low-grade. Two or more colors in the evaluation of the raw materials, in an agate for the upper material, and some agate five or more kinds of color, or several different colors, this is a good material to do pretty color design. Domestic agate is produced in Brazil agate, ranging from 15-30 yuan per kilogram, domestic agate mainly in Liaoning, Yunnan and other places, the value slightly higher than the Brazilian material, very perfect the agate artificial process, market agate products seen on most changed color after the heat treatment, the majority of the color of the naturally occurring less than ideal. The pretty color works to clear separations, mixed with color bogey. Color distribution on the agate is ever-changing, color and color contrast between strong contrasting colors, to pay attention to, the wonderful works of pretty colors, not only to distinguish between colors, strong contrast, more importantly, is in accordance with the material shaped foundation on, color shaped works Xingse dependencies consistent with the natural form of wonderful and interesting, is the wonderful works. Agate wonderful pretty color works, such as agate chicks, disk of agate shrimp, the agate crab basket, agate dragon plate, agate five geese, all the agate pretty color best. In the evaluation of the agate works, we must first distinguish generally works better art, masterpieces and treasures in between, although there is no strict boundaries, but the value of the difference is very, very large. For example, we can buy a pretty color agate shrimp plate with 500 yuan 5000 yuan, and some do not sell, really good pretty color agate shrimp plate 50,000 yuan will not sell. In the evaluation of the agate works, in addition to color, pretty color use, process, design also account for a large proportion. Good works cleverly conceived design, workmanship, good polishing. Agate raw material is not expensive, the price difference between the material and the material is small, the most critical is that the design ideas and craftsmanship.
Jubilee Fook Jewelry:

Beijing Arts and melt glass kind of jade egg noodles necklace 2012 autumn auction trading price of 15.64 million yuan

The Sina Favorite News the Beijing Arts Financial Autumn Auction 2012 will come to an end at the Beijing Asia Hotel on the evening of November 19, 10:00. Seven special auction 579 total turnover of 232 million yuan. 159 works of painting sculpture two special total turnover of 102 million yuan, with an average turnover rate of 78.5%, five special private collection of 130 million yuan, the average turnover rate of 49.3%. The Beijing Arts International Auction Co., Ltd.: art auction industry for nearly 20 years to the development of the market is very competitive, very harsh. In such an environment, the auction company strategy development must be based on the realities of the market, to give an accurate positioning. Next financial Arts will continue to be guided by openness, fairness, justice, honesty and credibility, to carry forward the traditional culture-oriented spread as its mission to promote contemporary outstanding works of art, dedicated to the exchange and promotion of Chinese art worldwide. Continue academic leading, market-oriented business strategy, efforts to launch a wider coverage of the representative masterpiece. Private collection auction Bo human eye private collection of the autumn auction of newly established arts Financial plate, “classic elegant Tibetan” and “chi smoothie reward” two parts containing jade jewelry, watches, design and decorative arts valuable private collection, designed to convey a unique, high quality of life concept. , Top jewelry brand and the design of the world’s best designers, and many auction world’s only this one, doubly precious. Private collections of classic Ya possession of special glass kind of jade egg noodles necklace transaction price of 15.64 million yuan “TITLE =” autumn 2012 Beijing Arts financial shot
glass kind of jade egg noodles necklace transaction price of 15.64 million yuan /> glass kind of jade egg surface necklace Sold: 15.64 million yuan special contains the ultimate collection of luxury watches, design and decorative arts, jade jewelry three egg noodles necklace glass kind of jade jewelry jade special pull the special hold the event, made 1564 The old crater full of green jade bracelet Estimate on request million transaction price, the transaction price is the best shot in the fall of 2012 results. simultaneously a 6.43 kt pink diamond ring sold for 13.8 million yuan achievements. 9,200,000 yuan traded Source: Sina the collection
blatantly, the respected natural is we abide by the principle; Seiko Meiyi reject mediocrity is our pursuit of the realm Colorful Yunnan Emerald Jinan: Shandong Jinan cities and counties Lane on the 10th (spring music Place middle) Tel :0531 -86,067,666 Zibo Colorful Yunnan Emerald: Zhangdian District, Zibo City, Shandong Youth League Road and West Road intersection Tel :0533 -2183918 Kunshan Colorful Yunnan Emerald: Tinglin Road, Yushan Town, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, No. 75 Tel: 0512 -57,502,789 Shandong Colorful Yunnan Emerald official website

The Chinese wind Jewelry you must have

Your impression, Chinese style jewelry is just phoenix dragon and phoenix dance gold or green jade, or White’s jade, that you really OUT. Today, the rise in the international fashion industry with Oriental style, more and more European and American jewelry big Chinese elements into their jewelry designs. Of course, there are many excellent Chinese jewelry designer brings us a visual feast. Western-style high-profile luxury, China has a long history of civilization, the ancient myth, deep culture become a source of inspiration for jewelry designer, and boarded jewelry trend of the design stage. the
a fine jewelry was born in Hong Kong of Wendy Yue “macro”, “micro” both a jewelry designer WendyYue the new jewelry line called “macro” and “micro” both macro – without losing the jewelry Atmospheric and tolerance micro – full of Chinese elements of spirituality, this works it is subversion. Bracelet works you remember a child to read the text “nuclear Zhou Ji, the ancient people with a fine approach in date pit in carving, this bracelet works with the same purpose, naive character is not very vivid it? Reference price: 38,800
Chinese and Western combined earrings lower embossed lotus is a Chinese flavor, and the top has the Western national flower known as the Rose, such a combination of Chinese and Western is very unique, with subtle purple elegance immediately highlights . the lattice window dragonfly earrings grid in
window very traditional charm, with Chinese lattice window inspired on the necklace adds a dragonfly design, so that the whole is more lively, more feminine.
jade ring jade necessarily just have to be very traditional design in order to reflect, While this is full of European retro sense of the main ring jewelry is jade. Reference price: small Chinese village houses of the 12,000
Chinese village houses bracelet the smallholder Park in front of the house, the the agricultural garden of the grape trellis, a little bracelet actually be able to integrate into so many scenes! Secret Garden Ring
Theo Fennell Theo Fennell “masterpiece” (Masterworks) series is not just a simple ring, more like a miniature sculpture. Use of sophisticated technology, clever design is made. The familiar TheoFennell Ring the Chinese Secret Garden (Secret Garden) is a classic work. Miniature Golden Gate, to show in front of you is a beautiful and graceful Chinese landscape drawings. The Secret Garden Ring Theo Fennell ring micro gate hidden Chinese classical landscape painting
“masterpiece” (Masterworks) series is not just a simple ring, more like a miniature sculpture. Use of sophisticated technology, clever design is made. The familiar TheoFennell Ring the Chinese Secret Garden (Secret Garden) is a classic work. Miniature Golden Gate, to show in front of you is a beautiful and graceful Chinese landscape drawings. Van Cleef & Arpels limited exclusive models
jewelry since 1968, female customers have been deeply obsessed with Yu Fan & Arpels Alhambra jewelry design, attractive appearance. Alhambra series condensate the sweet happiness classic jewelry Yun works, made as inspiration to create the special meaning of the four-leaf pattern. The four leaf lobes
contains profound significance, representing true love, wealth, luck and health. Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels especially draw inspiration from the famous Alhambra series, launched a special edition of jewelry, for sale only in the Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels boutiques. The Alhambra series long necklace
Alhambra series earrings Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels exclusive paragraph Alhambra carnelian powder gold long necklace, only for sale 100 of the VintageAlhambra and Byzantine Alhambra pattern with butterfly design perfect combination. With the Charming SweetAlhambra carnelian pink gold earrings indeed complement each other. The gourd lock catch the jewelry Qeelin jewelry
Qeelin by Chinese designer Dennis Chan Mr. Chen Ruilin with French entrepreneurs GuillaumeBrochard, work together to create. The Wulu Series is the first in a series of Qeelin jewelry’s is Qeelin brand symbol. Inspiration from Chinese traditional mascot gourd shape. the
Wulu (bottle gourd) series earrings the Wulu (gourd) family necklace
QEELIN lock items decorated
Qeelin YuYi ring before wearing the ancient longevity lock will only make people look like antique! While the ring is not the same, and use modern techniques to re-interpretation of the classic jewelry, meaning beautiful Qeelin this YuYi also make you look more stylish. Cartier Chinese dragon,
Chinese dragon bracelet this Chinese dragon bracelet perfect presents the exquisite Cartier superb craft, reproduction the water dragon legend realistic type. Longan two purple round sapphire, leading embraced the unique achievements water dragon bracelet dragon’s tail. The Lung Mei inlaid 74.88 kt Aquamarine called “brave Stone”, as a culture with wonderful expectations precipitation, symbolizes calm, brave and intelligent, and more to make bracelets shine extremely bright light.
dragon shape necklace into the classic design and rich imagination necklace, by the total weight of 797.97 kt precious Tanzanite beads tightly wound together, the leading surround kiss circumference at 5 weight of 5.76 karats teardrop-shaped diamond is like a water dragon crystal clear Teardrop, tells the legendary story of the thousand years. Million baby wind jewelry so much, the baby made the most beautiful Chinese charm jewelry, her signature poetic style as it has always been a serious fine jewelry small love small interest into a full life mood. Forbidden City, the baby of the pavilion, fan, Aquarius, brush are common elements of inspiration, with her own words: “I just made of traditional Chinese cultural symbols fashionable beauty jewelry so that more people come into contact with Chinese culture the fan proud necklace breeze, poet, handheld folding fans write poetry painting, a moist pearl inlaid in Shanbing pearl warmth. Diamond filigree openwork commensurate, such as breeze and the moon Xiangxie, to the ancient landscape.
brush necklace full the ink dripping Maliang pen rolls of the book seems to be endless. Small and refined his writings, ink Italy is strong, pen Hing full swing, eloquent pen, write the life of the Psalms. Black diamond with contrast white diamond, complemented by black gold plating Guangrun drops of ink, shaking his collar, is the the Yanhuang son of bones poetic. the
Bao Bao Wan Fine Jewelry series
Vase Rings sources: Sina is still product fidelity:
, each diamond equipped with the authority of the state accreditation bodies issued certificate of authenticity. Insured: Each year, the international diamond prices rose to a certain level, combined with the company to implement a limited warranty, ensure that the diamond you purchase will not be devalued. The
shelf life: Diamond quality level and gold have reached the national standard. Warranty: buy Kimberley brand specialty stores or counters where authorized in the Kimberley diamond accidentally damage due to wear, are responsible for the free warranty (Diamond loss or damage is not covered in this column). Limited warranty: purchased specialty stores or counters where authorized in Kimberley Kimberley brand ornaments, as long as intact, notes, certificates, can be found in the Chinese territory of any one Kimberley authorized specialty stores or counters lifelong exchange do not charge depreciation charges, The unlimited number Baohuan abide by the principle of “in exchange for equal value or more”.
Paul wash: buy Kimberley brand franchise shops or counters where authorized in Kimberley diamond lifelong enjoyment of free maintenance, cleaning, polishing and other services. Shandong Kimberley Diamond official website:

How to pick a good emerald

In general, a large auction company annual shot twice – spring auction and autumn, respectively, by the end of May and the end of November, the process can be divided into three parts: collection, preparation, auction. As a collection of jade jewelry department, also do a collection of rubies, diamonds and other jewelry, emerald ratio generally accounted for 1/4 to 1/5. Of course, the auction house consignment will be carried out, but this is also subject to the screening. how
house hold Jingshan of jade, people grip Snake Pearl? How to pick a good jade? The professional appraisers How selection emerald? Jade collection value and where? We interviewed Christie’s Hong Kong Jewelry expert Jiang Zhaofeng, Bonhams Hong Kong Jewellery senior appraisers Zhang Lanjing collection experiences tell some auction house experts.
how to pick a good emerald?
selected auction, the two experts said that they would pay attention to two points. First, it is the quality of the jade. Secondly, whether for the market to cater to buyers. If you can do these two points, on behalf of The Emerald has a certain value of the collection. jade jewelry value
mainly to see the quality of the jade that germplasm, color, clarity, moisture, shape, size and so on. Jade jewelry is worn off, they want to view the status of their maintenance. Basically, unless other jewelry gemstones partially occupied heavy proportion, otherwise the value is mainly in Emerald. As a professional jewelry appraisers, Christie’s Hong Kong Jewelry experts Jiang Zhaofeng first look germplasm and moisture: the structure to be fine closely, the water should be sufficient. Look at the color: must comply with thick, being fresh, are. Third, look at the clarity: at least the naked eye observation clean Yuwen and impurities can not be too much. The last form: orthomorphic full, can not be too thin or too engraving. Can meet all these requirements, it can be described as the finest jade.
emerald different antique it belongs to the jewelry, therefore, age has little effect on the value of emerald. Market aged Chui high prices, often due to its ownership and provenance causes, but this is beyond the categories of jade jewelry, antiques or crafts category involved. The most jade jewelry on the market today are years newer “new goods”, they are only a few years to decades about the history, but as long as the quality is excellent, the same can be sold at high prices. the
ready to buy jade worn on the body, when the colors will change, so the tour when experts often recommend buyers first try to see would suit color. Because emerald is not only a collection of more jewelry.
around the emerald buyers how to do? Hong Kong Jewelry
Bonhams, senior appraisers Zhanglan Jing said the auction house, has from six hundred thousand to several million emerald buyers often will pick some high-priced, high-quality jewelry. To the auction house, sometimes precious, rare top emerald can see these treasures in goldsmith shops is difficult to meet. Even if the the goldsmith shops have good shops pricing will be relatively high, there may be a lot of differences and different businesses. The auction house put the valuation reduced to provide sufficient space to allow buyers to bid on. Sometimes may be eager to get rid of because the seller, the lucky perhaps ideal price to buy their favorite jade jewelry. Jade the Bonhams
acquisition is not are brand new, but generally will not affect the value of the jewelry worn, but the seller will provide the appropriate certificate. Either Christie’s or Bonhams auction house auction have been internationally recognized laboratory accreditation bodies identified, some experts are careful checking, buyers can rest assured purchase. many types of the
emerald preferences in different regions have different Take China and Japan, the Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan are in favor of the old crater, like bright colors green Jade. Of course, this is the change varies from person to person, depending on the aesthetic vision of everyone. In contrast, Asian buyers will jewelry “update” If you purchased the emerald fine cracks, they will re-polished. The collection of the
jade market
As they say, “Gold has a price but jade is priceless collection of jade can be described as a good means to resist inflation. The emerald or be regarded as fast, if quality jewelry collection in the hands of, and preserve and increase the value of. collection of jade of
the crowd from all over the world, Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and even Russia and the Middle East. The course mainly for Chinese Therefore, both buyers and sellers are predominantly Chinese. Zhang Lanjing buyers about 60% from Hong Kong, 20% from the mainland of China, especially in Beijing and other places. In recent years, more and more mainland buyers into the auction market, and buy high-quality, rare jade. Of course, now buy the main market is still in Hong Kong.
first time to participate in the auction of jade, basically as long as the auction are interested, they can participate in the auction, no special knowledge. Even if ignorant of jade jewelry, or do not quite understand the auction process, the each auction houses are also very happy to provide assistance and professional advice. In general, domestic and foreign buyers during the preview will consult experts about Jade Connoisseur, market performance, collection trends. Emerald auction is a very fair, fair, open trading platform.

Pong Inlaid Jade Kunlun jade six months rose 6 percent is not appropriate to follow the trend of high

The wonderful Olympic competition, the winners wearing Jin Xiang Yu Medals joy situation memorable. Kunlun jade inlaid on the medals in the Olympics boost to become a favorite among collectors. Yesterday, reporters learned from the capital of a number of jade jewelry market, the past six months the Kunlun jade worth double, prices doubling itself. Worth half a year rose Liucheng in the official Garden Jewelry City, Panjiayuan, reporters learned, a thumb-size small the Kunlun jade pendant market price of 500 yuan, while the price six months ago, only about 300, up more than 60%. Kunlun jade seed material prices is worth double, from $ 3,000 a year ago / kg increased to the current 10,000 yuan / kg, a year’s time to turn nearly 3 Fan. Park officials Jewelry City and large good the Wynn jewelry market also opened special Kunlun jade counters. ldquo; due too early gains, since the second half of the year, and nephrite increase has slowed. The Kunlun jade prices by Olympic Dongfeng. After the start of the Olympic Games, asking guests more than the previous three or four into many foreign tourists specifically to purchase the Kunlun jade jewelry inlaid Olympic medals. “Panjiayuan one merchant said. Still rising potential in the Beijing Olympics 6000 medals inlaid all the Kunlun jade. According to experts, the Kunlun jade selected for the Olympic jade has its own unique advantages and nephrite belong to the Kunlun Mountains jade belt, in substance, occurrence, structural features basically the same, fine texture, large reserves, uniform quality material block, each Olympic medal can be done with a piece of raw material production, at the same time, Kunlun jade Olympic medals all the raw materials required for the white jade, green jade, jade, without preparation. the Kunlun jade and nephrite lower prices compared Medals production costs can be greatly reduced. (Recommended reading: jade tablets) national jade industry association experts said, Kunlun preserving the value of jade jewelry is relatively stable, with the Olympics with jade “the hot spot in the next few years there room for growth, investment value and appreciation potential is higher compared with other jade plants. should not follow the trend of high-However, experts have warned, ordinary investors Kunlun jade investment or risk, the recent part of the Kunlun jade jewelry prices are too high, has been ahead of the “overdraft” hype potential investment purchase should not follow the trend. jade investment look focuses on three prices, tens of dollars on the market, a jade only has the craft decorative value, do not have a long-term investment value. watching material, jade material grade not only determines its usability and ornamental more Favorite appreciation. watching craft work more fine, the higher the price, the greater the value of a collection.

The Taiyu Xuan wangcai theme Taishan jade works

Taishan the jade wangcai handle pieces of jade: Taishan jasper carving: hand carved product description and implication
Need jasper, green as Sappho, Heavenly Prize winner crafted, intricate work. Prone on the ground the mouth For called the wangcai of image skyrocketing.
wangcai dog’s term of endearment, generally refers to a dog homonym issue “Want” sound, like in attract wealth. The handlebars pieces moral reminder of Taishan jade wangcai Cai Yun, which means good fortune, fortune. Taishan jade and making money pendant jade: Taishan jade Diaogong: the machine carved product description and implication
the traditional circular diameter and 5cm, positive carved lotus crabs mascot, the implication of money come down from heaven the Octagon to fiscal year after wishful. Address: Jinan, Lixia District, Metropark Hotel QuanCheng County Lane 10 south Tel :0531 -86,161,618 official website: